Self-Watering Mechanism

Self-watering Mechanism, Why We Need it? How Helpful it is?

Why Self-Watering ?

People who are putting garden at home or not putting are facing below common issues

  • Giving water is big issue. People are occupied and is pain for giving the water.
  • Even once water is given the water along with soil gets mixed and drained out on the surface. So it spoils the entire surface and only place where people are putting plants are at Balcony level and not inside home.
  • As per research the pollution level inside home/office is very high and badly affecting the life of human being. So if plant are put at balcony level than it is not resolving the pollution issues available inside home and usefulness is very limited
  • Majority of plants die after purchased from nursery. The reason is not being investigated and people are reluctant to put plants even though they love to. 80% of plants die because of under watering /excess watering.
  • Another important aspect is in traditional mechanism water is given by people from top of the planter. So the soil along with its nutrion value is getting diluted and drained out from the pores available below the port. In a period of 3-4 months majority of soil/cocopit/nutirient value is lost and making the plants die.

Self-Watering Mechanism

Our important features of self watering planter/vertical garden

  • With are unique solution of self watering planters/vertical garden which are built in such manner that soil is not mixing with the water. So there is no spoilage to surface and can easily form part of your indoor home/office and can enjoy all benefits of plants.
  • Also in our unique planters/green wall, the water is taken by the plant by its root as and when required leaving no chance of under watering/excess watering to take place.
  • People normally keeps tray below the planter. This give a place for dengue mosquitoes to develop. Our self watering planter comes with dual compartment where in out compartment water is stored in air tight condition leaving no chance of mosquitoes getting develop.
  • Our self watering planter comes with water level indicator so you know when to refill the planter with water.
  • Periodicity of giving water is once in 7-14 days of time. So even if you going for holiday for 7 days you don’t have to worry about watering the planter during your absence and our self watering planter would take care.
  • Also since soil is not mixed with water and is not drained out, the nutrient value of soil remains intact in the planter/vertical garden so chances of plants dying is very less. Also these makes the our system almost zero maintenance as there is seldom requirement of replenishment of nutrient and no gardener is required to take care of the said issues.
  • The vertical planter system have inbuilt drainage system basis which once motor is switched off after one hour or so entire water is drain out of vertical planter leaving no chance of dengue mosquitoes to develop.
  • Once the motor is switch on it creates a soothing sound of water fall. As per Vastu also it is good to have water fall equipment inside your home
  • Ease of installation of our vertical garden wherein it can be installed in any part of your wall of your home/office or the façade of building. No professional installer is required to installed the said system
  • Wind buckle are used for our vertical garden so that can be easily hold against wind once installed at façade of building
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