Self Watering Green Wall

The next Green Wave. It is Self-Watering Vertical Green Wall!

Engineering Green wall: Design Easy, install easy


Self-Watering Green Wall

Our Vertical Green Wall comes with self-watering mechanism that eliminates the need for watering the plants daily and also takes care of under-watering and over-watering problems.

AUnique wall mounted mini garden for homes, indoor, outdoor, modern offices and business centers. Vertical Green Wall uses the most fetching wall design and application technology, with smart automatic irrigation systems. It significantly reduces maintenance efforts, ensures healthy plant growth and long survival, and comes with customisable art patterns based on customer demand.

Self-watering Vertical Green Wall Brochure

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Features of Go Green Lyf's Green Wall

We truly care about our users and our product. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

  • Almost Zero Maintenance
  • Plants Can Be Replaced Easily
  • Heat Insulation: There Are Reports That After Installation Of Green Walls, Indoor Summer Temperature Is Reduced By 7-10°c
  • Easy To Install
  • Mechanism That Doesn't Let Soil Mix With Water, Eliminating Formation of Muck
  • Close To Nature: In The Modern City, Green Plants Will Be Able To Give The Busy People A Glimmer Of Comfort and Mind, Closer To Nature.
  • Positive Influence on Psyche
  • Saving Space
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Enriching Oxygen
  • Indoor Soundproofing: Plant and Green Wall No Substrate Is The Best Soundproof Material That Can Effectively Reduce Noise Regardless of Indoor/outdoor.
  • Reduction of Electrostatic Pollution
Self Watering Mechanism

Easy to create pattern on green wall

All Side Extendable

With the special back frame, the height of green walls has no limit

Easy To Install

Features back-frame has multiple level clip, each bracket’s height is adjustable

Down Flow Waterway Design

Simply setup water sour on the top level, Pipes can be hidden in the back-frame.

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